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Our website has been designed to help you find support quickly and easily, based on your particular needs and circumstances.

Our website enables you to find the answers to your questions about UK benefits. No need to pay a subscription or membership fee to get the answer to your problem; just ask our experts by email FREE OF CHARGE!

Our experts ensure that that your benefits problems are dealt with professionalism and efficiency. There’s no jargon, just accurate, straight forward advice tailored to fit your needs.

You can ask your question on our “ask our question” page. Unlike similar websites we won't refuse to answer your question "as your circumstances are too complex to be dealt with."

We are unique and receive no funding or support from the Government, any local authority, grant making trust or large companies. This total independence means that our advice is given without any thought to how unpopular it may make us with the Department for Work and Pensions or others such as Atos Healthcare.